Expat Life Insurance

Ex-pat life cover is available for Non-UK residents with an insurable interest or financial liability in the UK. 

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Expat Life Insurance: what you need to know

Expat Life Insurance is available for Non-UK residents with an insurable interest or financial liability in the UK. Examples of acceptable financial liabilities include a mortgage on a UK property, a dependant spouse and/or young children living in the UK. A UK inheritance tax liability. Being responsible for paying a relatives UK private school, university or care home fees. Or a UK company that has overseas key persons or shareholders.

If are an expat with financial liability in the UK and have a UK, Channel Islands, Isle of man or Gibraltar bank account to pay the premiums from, we are able to offer products including:

Level and decreasing (mortgage) term assurance that provides a lump sum, whole of life insurance with an open-ended term family income benefit that provides a monthly income in the event of a claim as well as three different critical illness options to suit various circumstances and budgets.

Policies can be for an individual’s own life or indeed the life of another provided the policy owner would suffer a financial loss as a result of the death of the life insured.

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