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LV= are a mutual which means they are owned by their members, of which there are currently 1.1 million, rather than shareholders. Founded in 1843 in Liverpool by a gentleman called William Fenton and some of his friends, they started out as the ‘Liverpool Independent Legal Victoria Burial Society’ with the aim of assisting the city’s poorer inhabitants save for their funeral costs. Back then is was very much a local door to door type organisation which has grown today into an employer of 5,700 people in 17 offices across the UK.

Incorporated under the Friendly Societies Act 1992 as Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society Limited, they boast over 5 million customers and are the UK’s third largest car insurer. A multiple award winner across the range of products they offer, LV= has seen recent accolades from the likes of Which and Gold Standards. They are an organisation that prides itself on continuing the original mantra set down by William Fenton of providing an ethical approach to financial services.