Income Protection Insurance

Income protection insurance can cover a range of eventualities including but not limited to accident, sickness and redundancy. Income protection is designed to pay you a monthly sum of money in the event you cannot work

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We have over 30 years combined experience in sourcing income protection insurance and have streamlined our quote process to make this as easy as possible for you.

Compare Income Protection quotes and protect your livelihood against the unknown. An income protection policy is designed to specifically protect your income in the event you’re unable to work due to an accident, illness or injury.

If you’re unable to work and are no longer receiving sick pay, an income protection policy can help by providing a monthly tax free income until either you return to work or your policy expires.

What types of income protection exist?

Income protection can be taken out in various forms. Generally, income protection policies will be in place and pay out until you return to work, take retirement or until death.

However, short term income protection policies can be taken out that are in place for one or two years should you feel you are in need of a policy for a shorter period of time, which usually come at a lower cost.

Why do I need an income protection policy?

In life we never know what’s around the corner, and that’s why it’s so important to have relevant cover to protect us in any eventuality. There is only a small minority of employers who have sick pay policies that will cover you for longer than 12 months, so having an income protection policy in place helps you have peace of mind should something unexpected happen.

Income protection exists to help ensure you still get money if something happens that means you can’t work. Whether that be due to an accident, illness or injury, if something occurs and you can’t work, income protection helps alleviate some of your worries by ensuring you have money to carry on.

Income protection is designed to help you continue with repayments of debts, such as your mortgage or vehicle leasing, pay your general bills you have each month and cover any other additional expenses you may have.

If you work in an environment that may be classed as dangerous then income protection is highly recommended due to the nature of your workplace, however, it can be an incredibly valuable type of cover for anyone in case of any unforeseen circumstances occurring.

It is worth noting that income protection covers events that are beyond your control, so it is likely that you will not be able to make a claim if you are fired from your job or purposely injure yourself.

How can I compare income protection cover?

At I’m Insured, we pride ourselves on making it quick, easy and efficient for you to compare income protection cover. Simply click the ‘Start your online quote’ button at the top of this page, answer a few questions regarding your current situation and job role, and we’ll provide you with income protection insurance quotes from a range of leading providers.

Our team of insurance specialists are also on hand to help assist with your quotes and answer any questions you may have, so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find the best, most suitable cover for your needs.