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Revealed The locations where you will pay the least for your car insurance

Revealed The locations where you will pay the least for your car insurance

Feb 9, 2017

A new survey has revealed where drivers pay the most for their car insurance. The research, published in Auto Express, has revealed that nine of the cheapest eleven locations for car insurance in Britain can be found in Scotland and Wales, with the cheapest premium north of the border.

Drivers in London and the South East will pay more for their motor insurance than anyone else, according to the research. Keep reading to find out more.

Drivers in Dumfries pay less than anyone else for car insurance

If you’re looking to pay less for your car insurance then it pays to live in Scotland or Wales. That’s the conclusion of new research published in Auto Express which reveals the cheapest and most expensive locations for car insurance in Britain.

The research looked at the average car insurance premiums in the third quarter of 2015 for all British area codes. It revealed that drivers in Dumfries, Scotland pay less than anyone else in Britain for car insurance, with the average policy costing just £265 against a national average of £440.

Three of the five cheapest premiums were found in Scotland, with drivers in Perth paying an average of £267 and motorists in Kirkcaldy paying £283.

Of the eleven cheapest places to insure a car in Britain, only two were in England. Only Exeter and Dorchester had an average car insurance premium of less than £300.

Cheapest average car insurance premiums

  • Dumfries £265
  • Perth £267
  • Exeter £277
  • Kirkcaldy £283
  • Dorchester £284

Drivers in London and the South East pay the most for car insurance

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Auto Express research found that the most expensive car insurance was paid by motorists living in and around London. Drivers can easily pay more than twice the national average of £440 for their cover, with policyholders in East London paying £870, more than anyone else in Britain.

While the costs of cover in London may be higher than anywhere else, living in a big city does not necessarily mean that you will be subject to higher premiums. The research found that motorists in Edinburgh – Britain’s eighth most populous city – pay some of the lowest premiums in the country. Drivers in the Scottish capital pay an average of just £310 while 42 miles west in Glasgow – the fourth most populated city in Britain – the cost of car insurance is £40 lower than the national average.

Most expensive average car insurance premiums

  • East London £870
  • Ilford £743
  • North-West London £742
  • Southall £718
  • North London £709

Ben Howarth, policy adviser for Motor and Liability at the Association of British Insurers, said: “Insurers consider a number of factors when determining insurance premiums.

“These include an individual’s driving history, the level of vehicle crime, traffic volumes, average traffic speeds and the level of known fraud within someone’s postcode.”


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