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New comparison tools for Income Protection Insurance

New comparison tools for Income Protection Insurance

Feb 9, 2017

I’m Insured specialise in high quality price comparison tools and have calibrated special search tools optimised for finding the best income protection insurance policies from companies across the UK.

Income protection insurance was created for self-employed and freelance individuals to protect themselves from the possibility of being unable to earn money due to accidents, illnesses or injuries. Since then the policies have become popular among those who work in high pressure environments and can be used to protect the employed should they run out of sick leave, providing a tax free stipend to help them survive until they return to work. I’m Insured has expanded its comparison services to include income protection insurance, and offers advice and guidance on how to get the best quotes from the best companies.

I’m Insured specialise in everything from home insurance to life insurance and offer a resource centre that includes tips and tricks for getting the best quotes from competitive companies, and compares policies from major providers including Aviva, Legal & General, LV, Zurich and Ageas.

I’m Insured allows people to compare income protection insurance or talk directly with an expert representative to help secure the best possible quote on a policy that will meet the individual’s needs.

A spokesperson for I’m Insured explained, “Income Protection Insurance is essential for freelancers and the self-employed, who have no cushion from an employer should they suddenly fall ill or be incapacitated for any length of time. It also provides a great supplemental source of income to sick pay, or can be used to extend the period individuals can take off from work due to illness of injury. Most employers only cover 12 months at best, and rehabilitation from serious injury can take as much as two years to return to even partial mobility. As such, we are committed to recommending the right policies depending on individual circumstances, and provide online tools as well as trained representatives to address the matter on a person-to-person basis.”

About I’m Insured

I’m Insured has a unique approach to getting the best deals on behalf of those looking for cheap insurance. For life insurance, mortgage protection, critical illness cover and income protection I’m Insured search the whole of market. For general insurance the website is a comparison site comparison site, using a meta-analysis tool to identify the cheapest quotes from all comparison sites and then pitting those against one another to get the absolute lowest price. Their comparison services are now available for all common insurance types. For more information, please visit: www.im-insured.co.uk


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