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New comparison tools for Family Income Benefit

New comparison tools for Family Income Benefit

Feb 9, 2017

I’m Insured have added brand new comparison tools for family income benefit life insurance, enabling policy holders to leave behind a monthly income instead of a lump sum.


Life insurance is a means by which people can protect their families from the devastating financial toll a bereavement can take on them at an already emotional time. Securing life insurance is essential for mothers and fathers especially, and getting the best deal can be difficult. I’m Insured makes this process easier by offering comparison tools that compare the whole of the market, leaving no stone unturned in securing the best policy deal. The best policy however might not be traditional life insurance, but Family Income Benefit life insurance, which replaces the traditional lump sum with a monthly payment to supplement the income of a family through the long term.

Family Income Benefit is a type of life insurance that pays a monthly income payment to the beneficiaries instead of a lump sum, which can be swallowed up by funeral expenses or other indulgences and not used for its intended purpose. A monthly payment can better help people replace the lost income a family could be dependent upon.

I’m Insured has now added comparison tools for these policies and to encourage users to take up these policies, the company’s cash back offer is also available, and Critical Illness Cover can even be added to protect a family during a time of crisis.

The comparison tools enables individuals to go through offers from providers across the entire United Kingdom to find the policy that offers the right provisions at the right price. Alternatively, they can simply call the company to speak to one of their experts.

A spokesperson for I’m Insured explained, “We are committed to providing the most comprehensive insurance comparison tools on the web, which is why we calibrate our tools individually for each form of cover, to ensure they are optimised to rank each available offer and secure the best policy for customers. We also offer a phone consultancy service for those who like to get advice and recommendations from our expert insurance agents, and we pride ourselves on the added value we provide to customers through this service, and our many regular updates on the site. By adding Family Income Benefit insurance tools, users can now rest assured their families can be provided for should the worst happen, in the best way possible, and all without breaking the bank.”

About I’m Insured

I’m Insured is an insurance broker that covers the whole of the market, and specialises in Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Mortgage Protection. Their online system allows people to search the market for the best quotes available, or speak directly to experienced consultants to help find the best product to fit their particular needs. The site is regularly updated with additional content to advise visitors on the latest and best policies. For more information please visit: www.im-insured.co.uk


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