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I’m Insured offers twenty percent cashback on Life Insurance policies

I’m Insured offers twenty percent cashback on Life Insurance policies

Feb 9, 2017

I’m Insured is a comparison site that is offering to give back 20% of the first years premiums for a range of life insurance policies to a maximum of £200.

Insurance is a necessity for anyone who doesn’t want to be caught out by expensive mishaps. From vehicular damages to sudden medical conditions to acts of god that can destroy the home, there are many forms of insurance and all of them cost money. They needn’t cost as much anymore, however, thanks to I’m Insured. I’m Insured takes the pain out of trawling each and every comparison site for each and every policy by comparing the comparison sites themselves, and to promote the expanded range of policies available they are offering 20% off on a range of policies.

The company is offering 20% off on all life insurance, critical illness cover and mortgage life insurance policies sold through their website to a maximum of two hundred pounds, which represents a significant saving by any measurement. The site is doing this to promote the new forms of insurance they can now offer.

The site uses a unique system that allows users not only to compare life insurance, but to compare the results of comparison sites, gaining the ultimate advantage for their customers by incorporating special exclusive rates negotiated by specific sites into the comparison process. In this way the savings offered in the promotion on life insurance quotes are sure to go even further.

A spokesperson for I’m Insured explained, “We have launched this promotion to help people make even greater savings on what is already guaranteed to be the best offer they can find anywhere online. It helps us illustrate our point and bring people to the site who will then discover the unbeatable value we offer through our unique meta-comparison system. Because the site can be used for all forms of insurance, we can save people money in so many places that it will naturally add up to more than the value of the discount we’re offering on a single policy.”

About I’m Insured: I’m Insured has a unique approach to getting the best deals on behalf of those looking for cheap insurance. The website is a comparison site comparison site, using a meta-analysis tool to identify the cheapest quotes from all comparison sites and then pitting those against one another to get the absolute lowest price. Now available for all common insurance types. For more information, please visit: https://www.im-insured.co.uk/


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