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Dalek insurance aims to make consumers take life cover seriously

Dalek insurance aims to make consumers take life cover seriously

Feb 9, 2017

Have you ever worried what your family would do if you were ever exterminated by a Dalek or given the cruciatus curse by Lord Voldemort? If so, a brand new insurance policy is probably exactly what you are looking for.

A leading life insurance provider has launched a new policy designed to over every eventuality – including a range of unlikely deaths at the hands of monsters, aliens and robots. Keep reading to learn more.

Life insurance that pays out in the event of a Godzilla or Martian attack

A new life insurance policy which includes a range of extravagant and unlikely deaths has been launched – although it has a serious underlying message.

The policy, offered by Virgin Money, will cover your death at the hands of a Dalek, the Loch Ness Monster or even a Transformer. The cover also includes protection against being killed in a Sharknado or being killed by a Martian death ray and even protects policyholders against being crushed to death by a giant marshmallow man, in a nod to classic 1984 film Ghostbusters.

Virgin says that while these events are unlikely it is making a serious point about how most people don’t take life insurance seriously.

While Virgin say that they will pay out if you are killed by a shark whipped from the sea by a tornado (as in the cult horror film Sharknado) they are trying to raise the profile of life insurance and to encourage people to think more seriously about how the real chances of accidental death are higher than most people realise.

Virgin Money director Darrell Evans said: “This is a light-hearted attempt to highlight the importance of life insurance. What’s odd, though, is that our sense of risk is a bit skewed.

“In life we spend too much time imagining the things that will never happen. Maybe we should spend a little bit more time thinking about and planning for what eventually will happen.

“For example, around 30 million lottery tickets are sold in the UK every Saturday to hopeful people thinking that they might just win. The odds are in fact higher that they could meet an unfortunate end on the way to buying a ticket than they are to win the jackpot.”

The Daily Mail recently reported that a survey of 16,000 British adults found only 23 per cent have a life insurance policy, falling to just 15 per cent in London.

The ten additional risks covered under the new policy take their inspiration from a range of popular sci-fi films and stories. It will pay out if you are trampled by rampaging monster Godzilla, cursed by Harry Potter’s nemesis from JK Rowling’s books or even attack by a world terraforming engine, such as in Superman.

The policy will even pay out if you are killed by a giant emerging from a castle in the clouds, although Virgin say that falling from the beanstalk itself is not covered because of the risks involved in taking on the task invalidates your cover.

Darrell Evans added: “Essentially what this tells us is that if Londoners got caught up in a row between Thor and Dark Elf Malekith over his plans to destroy the universe and restore the Dark Elves to dominance by unleashing the Aether at the centre of the Convergence in Greenwich, fewer than two in ten adults would have appropriate cover.

“But more seriously, while it can be a difficult thing to think about, having life insurance in place is an important part of financial planning.”


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