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2 unusual signs of type 2 diabetes you should know

2 unusual signs of type 2 diabetes you should know

Feb 4, 2020

2 unusual signs of type 2 diabetes you should know

According to the charity diabetes.co.uk, there are estimated to be 4.7 million people in the UK who have been diagnosed with diabetes. The condition can cause the body to lose control of the amount of sugar in your blood. With diabetes, the body does not respond to insulin (a hormone that controls the level of your blood sugar), in turn leading to elevated blood sugar levels. Without treatment, this can develop into other serious conditions including kidney failure, nerve damage, stroke and heart disease. Because of these potential health complications, a diabetes diagnosis can also lead to problems when you come to arrange your life insurance.

This week, the Daily Express has shared two little known symptoms of type 2 diabetes that you should keep an eye out for. Keep reading to find out more, and to discover how we can help you to get the life insurance you need if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes.


1. Dark skin on your elbow

Many people don’t experience diabetes symptoms in the early stages, and some might not notice any significant change for many years. However, one early warning sign might appear on your elbows. Darkened skin on your elbows can be linked to a condition known as acanthosis nigricans.

This condition is characterised by areas of dark discolouration in places where your body creases, such as your elbows. It can also affect your armpits, neck and groin. The change is likely to occur slowly, and the affected skin may also itch. Mayo Clinic explains: “The skin changes of acanthosis nigricans typically occur in people who are obese or have diabetes. Children who develop the condition are at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes;


2. A dry mouth

Another symptom which has been linked to diabetes is a dry mouth. This is clinically known as xerostomia and occurs when there’s a lack of saliva in the mouth. Diabetes.co.uk explains: “People with diabetes are more susceptible to dry mouth and yeast infections such as thrush because of high glucose levels in their blood and saliva.”

Other symptoms of dry mouth include irritation at the corners of your mouth and inflammation of your gums. Why a diabetes diagnosis doesn’t mean you have to give up on life insurance.

Spotting the symptoms of diabetes can help you to be diagnosed early. Steps can then be taken to manage the condition. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes then you may be finding it difficult to get the life insurance you need. You may have been refused cover, had an application postponed, or had to pay an increased premium for your policy.

Using a specialist with experience of arranging life insurance for people with diabetes can help. An expert will understand the UK life insurance market and how different insurers deal with different conditions. They can consider all the options specific to your circumstances and your diagnosis, and get the right life insurance for you at the right price.

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