Mental Health and Life Insurance

Mental health can be a difficult subject to approach when searching for life insurance quotes. Our experienced team can help you find the best policy for your individual circumstances without prejudice.

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Life insurance for depression & anxiety sufferers.

We understand that the prospect of enquiring about life insurance can seem a little daunting. And that the daunting feeling can be even greater with the added consideration of a mental health condition. This article aims to help guide those in the UK who are interested in life insurance and have in the past or are currently dealing with mental health issues. Mental health is of course a wide spectrum of conditions and means very different things to different people. Here we will focus on depression life insurance for depression & anxiety sufferers. But the principles largely remain for conditions that fall outside of those diagnoses. Of course, we would never be able to cover all scenarios here. And for that reason, we are always ready and happy to take your enquiries should you wish to discuss issues not covered here. That said, if any of the following sound like the point you currently find yourself with regard to mental health life insurance, then this read should be of use;

  • You are looking for your first life insurance policy.
  • You have an existing policy and the premium was increased due to a mental health condition.
  • You have had an application for life insurance postponed due to a mental health condition.
  • You have had an application declined due to mental health disclosures. 


Mental health and life insurance – Some UK statistics

Data from the charity estimates that some 1 in 4 people in the UK experience a mental health problem over the course of each year. Although the total number of mental health sufferers doesn’t appear to be increasing, the way people deal with the issues seems to be worsening. This is highlighted by a trend that sees self-harm and suicide cases on the increase in recent years.

According to, depression and anxiety are the most common forms of mental health disorders in the UK. They suggest that 7.8% of Britons meet the criteria for diagnosis at any given time. The charity estimates that as high as 10% of people in England will experience depression at some stage of their lives. There is also an economic effect attributed to depression and anxiety as it’s believed to contribute to 20% of Britain’s sick days.


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