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Compare Van Insurance Online. I’m Insured’s UK Van and Commercial Vehicle Quote System saves you time and money.

I’m Insured is the simplest way to make sure you get the cheapest van insurance possible, but still get a policy that’s right for your specific needs.

There’s an amazing range of prices and availability for van insurance simply because there are so many different types of van out there. The age, model and size of your van doesn’t just affect how likely it is to be stolen or damaged, but can also affect the potential costs if you’re involved in a crash, both for your van and other vehicles.

That makes it all the more important to shop around for the best deal. Fortunately I’m Insured is a one-stop shop that compares prices from numerous providers and gives you the lowest available quote without any obligation.

Using I’m Insured to search for quotes is surprisingly straightforward. We do have to ask more questions for van insurance than with some types of cover, but we’ve streamlined the process so you can still give us all the information we need in a matter of minutes. We let you decide if you’re willing to pay a voluntary excess, thus reducing your premiums.

Once you get your list of quotes, you’ll be able to see the annual premium each insurer offers. Where appropriate you’ll also see details of any option to pay monthly instalments and see the total amount you’ll pay this way, so you know straight away whether you’ll have to pay extra for this option.

The moment you finish entering your details, we get to work searching for your quotes. Depending on your van, you’ll see up to 60 different quotes, most of which should be available within 60 seconds. Compare that to the time and hassle of ringing round insurers one by one, or browsing multiple websites, and you’ll see why getting the cheapest price possible isn’t the only saving that comes from using I’m Insured: you’ll save time as well.

The results list also shows you details of any excess, plus whether the policy includes those all important extras such as a courtesy van while a claim is being processed, windscreen cover, and personal accident cover. In some cases we’ll show a plus sign, which means you can get this feature for an extra fee: just hover over the plus sign to see the details.

With every policy in the list, you can click on a “More Details” link to see all sorts of information such as whether you can buy add-ons such as breakdown cover, legal costs insurance, and cover for any tools you store in your van.

One particularly neat feature about our search tool is that we show you a list of all the sites that we search, even those which aren’t able to cover you for whatever reason. That saves you having to worry about us missing out on somebody and you going off on a fruitless search to get a quote elsewhere.

You can click on any result to go straight to the provider’s site — where your details will be preloaded — and buy the cover immediately. Alternatively you can save the details of your search so that you can come back and look at the latest prices available at any time.

With I’m Insured, you get the best of both world as we search both insurers and brokers. That gives you the widest range of quotes possible including any special deals, but without having to worry about biased brokers only covering those insurers with whom they are professionally tied.

I’m Insured is totally independent: we don’t favour any provider, so you can be sure we’ll find you the best deal available.