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Wherever you’re going on holiday, I’m Insured can help you quickly and easily find the best travel insurance policy at the best price.

Too many people look at the high premiums offered by one or two major insurers and decide it’s too pricy to bother with. That’s a hugely risky approach given the costs of medical treatment overseas and the associated expenses of being laid up in hospital, or the costs and hassle of losing luggage or personal equipment.

In fact travel insurance can be bought at surprisingly low prices that mean you’d be crazy to pass it up. The problem is that with dozens of insurers on the market, it can seem off-putting to have to check each firm individually, giving the same details over and over and then trying to figure out the best deal. At I’m Insured, we do all that work for you, in just a few moments.

I’m Insured covers both types of travel insurance: single-trip and annual cover. It’s great for crunching the numbers to see whether it’s worth splashing out for annual cover, particularly if you are thinking about taking multiple trips abroad.

Travel insurance is one of the policy types where I’m Insured is quickest and simplest to use: you only have to complete three simple pages. The first just covers your basic personal details. The second covers your policy requirements in just eight questions. And the third just asks for a password so you can save your search and quotes to access later.

With single cover, you tell us the specific country you’ll be visiting. With annual cover you can choose whether you want to be covered in the UK only, in Europe only, the whole world not included US and Canada, or the whole world including the US and Canada. If you know you’ll definitely not be going to theUS(which has crippling medical treatment costs), you can often save a fair chunk by excluding it from worldwide cover, for example if you are going to Australia.

We then check for prices with more than 35 insurers and brokers simultaneously. After a short while, often a matter of seconds, we give you a list of quotes in order of price. If you’ve opted to search for single-trip policies, we’ll tell you whenever a particular insurer offers an annual policy for a lower price, something that happens surprisingly often!

As well as the price, I’m Insured’s results page shows you which of five key features in travel insurance is covered by each policy: medical costs, personal liability, cover for your baggage, cancellation insurance and cover for winter sports.

You can click on any result to go straight through to the relevant website of the insurer of broker, where the application form will be pre-filled with all the details you’ve provided. You can then make any tweaks necessary such as removing particular elements of cover to bring the price down, or picking add-ons such as wedding cover.

You pay the insurer or broker direct for your policy. We don’t act as a financial middleman and you don’t pay any extra fees, hidden or otherwise. We have no bias in favour of any specific insurer, so rest assured we will always bring you the best price possible.

Note that unfortunately, for now at least, we aren’t able to offer a quote comparison for people with pre-existing medical conditions. Instead we’ve got a list of links to specialist insurers who can offer you great deals.