Life Insurance with COPD

Finding the right life insurance with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can feel difficult – I’m Insured have experience in finding the best insurance for people with medical conditions, at the best rate possible.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and Life Insurance: what you need to know

Finding life insurance with COPD can add another level of stress, as it is a factor that life insurance providers take into consideration.

It is important to know exactly what the life insurance application process is like if you have COPD, including what insurers will want to know and what information to have to hand.

What is COPD?

COPD, known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is the name given to describe a group of lung conditions. COPD is a common condition in the UK, it mainly affects middle-aged or older adults who smoke. 

Many people who have the condition do not know that they have it, with some of the symptoms being mistaken for ‘smokers’ cough.’ Symptoms of COPD do include:

  • Breathless, particularly when you are active
  • Persistent chesty cough with phlegm
  • Persistent wheezing
  • Frequent chest infections

It is important for people with COPD to seek medical attention, as without treatment, the condition can become progressively worse.

Almost all cases of COPD are caused by smoking. There are a wide range of treatments designed to slow down the progression of COPD, depending on severity. This can include stopping smoking, to medicines, to surgery.

How does COPD affect life insurance?

Like all pre-existing medical conditions, having a diagnosis of COPD is something that you will have to disclose to your life insurance provider when you apply for life insurance.

It is important to supply as much accurate information about possible your diagnosis of COPD, as this can help to determine the cost of life insurance 

Can I get life insurance with COPD?

It is possible to get life insurance with COPD, however, those with more severe and chronic forms of the condition may struggle to find the right cover at a standard rate and in some cases, may have their applications declined.

Each life insurance company is different, with their own method of measuring ‘risk’ – so while people with more severe COPD may not be able to find life insurance with some providers, there are other companies who are able to provide insurance to those with COPD.

Applying for life insurance with COPD

It is important to know what the life insurance application process looks like if you have COPD, as it is likely that you will have to provide more information to insurers about your condition.

What information do you need to provide to insurers if you have COPD?

Life insurance applications tend to ask for a range of information about yourself, such as lifestyle, family history and medical history – with pre-existing . This information is used to assess the level of risk and determine your premiums.

While each life insurance provider is different, you can typically expect to be asked questions such as:

  • The date you were diagnosed with COPD
  • Any medication that you require, i.e. inhaler or tablets
  • Do you need to use an oxygen cylinder?
  • How often do you use a Nebuliser?
  • Information about any hospitalisations due to COPD
  • How COPD affects your day-to-day life, e.g. time off work

It is crucial that you are honest and accurate when supplying information about your COPD diagnosis. If you do not disclose your medical condition in the application, your life insurance policy could be voided in the unfortunate event of your passing.

Using an insurance broker for COPD life insurance

Using an independent life insurance broker is one way to reduce the stress of applying for life insurance. Brokers have access to the marketplace and expert knowledge, meaning they can help you to find suitable life insurance with COPD, but also at the best possible price.

I’m Insured is an independent insurance broker with specialist knowledge in life insurance with COPD. Our expert team has a wealth of experience in finding the right life insurance cover for people with medical conditions.

If you have COPD and need support with your life insurance application, we’re here to help.  You can contact the I’m Insured team or get your free insurance quote through our website.

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