Life Insurance with Autoimmune Disease and Inflammatory Conditions

If you have an autoimmune disease or inflammatory condition, finding life insurance may feel stressful. I’m Insured are vastly experienced in helping people with medical conditions find life insurance that suits them.

Life Insurance and Autoimmune Disease: what you need to know

The process of finding a life insurance policy that is right for you can be stressful, but if you have an autoimmune disease or inflammatory condition, this task can feel even more daunting.

However, securing life insurance with suitable policies and standard prices for people with medical conditions is becoming more accessible. Independent brokers are able to find the most competitive and best suited policy for you.

If you do have an autoimmune or inflammatory condition, it is important to be prepared with the right information and know how insurance providers approach these applications.

What is an autoimmune disease?

An autoimmune disease is a condition whereby the immune system begins to turn on itself, attacking healthy tissue. Doctors don’t know exactly what is the cause of autoimmune diseases.

There are more than 80 autoimmune conditions, which can range in symptoms, severity, who they affect and treatment. Some of the more common diseases include:


What is an inflammatory condition?

There is a distinction between inflammatory and autoimmune conditions. Inflammation refers to the process of your body fighting against infections, toxins and injuries. 

Inflammation usually lasts for a few hours or days, depending on the situation. However, this becomes a chronic condition when the response continues and this can have a detrimental effect on your body. 

Conditions that chronic inflammation is linked to, can include:

Can I get life insurance with an autoimmune or inflammatory disease?

If you have a diagnosis of an autoimmune or inflammatory condition, you can get life insurance from multiple providers, without your premiums rising dramatically.  

However, it is likely that insurers will request further information about your condition and a medical report, usually a GP report. Your consent is required before an insurance company can obtain this report.

Each life insurance provider is different, with their own process and method of underwriting. It is beneficial to use an independent insurance broker, they can help you navigate the market to find the best price and policy.

What do insurers need to know about my autoimmune or inflammatory disease?

Each life insurance provider is different, therefore, the information that they will request regarding your autoimmune or inflammatory condition could vary.

When insurance providers are assessing your application for autoimmune disease life insurance, you can expect to be asked about:

  • The name of the autoimmune disease you have been diagnosed with
  • The date you were diagnosed with the condition
  • Hospital admissions due to your autoimmune condition
  • Up to date readings
  • Information about medication for your treatment

It is important to be accurate and honest in your life insurance application, as any future claims could be affected by failure to disclose your autoimmune condition.

I’m Insured is an experienced and independent life insurance broker, with specialist knowledge with helping those with autoimmune diseases find suitable cover at the best price. To find out more about life insurance for specific autoimmune and inflammatory conditions, see the menu below.

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