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At I’m Insured, it’s a simple task to find the right pet insurance at the right price. We search the offers and premiums available from a range of insurers, reducing hassle and giving you peace of mind that you haven’t missed the best deal.

It takes no more than a couple of minutes to use our pet insurance premium search. You just need to give us a few personal details about you and your pet, then answer between four and seven simple “yes or no” questions depending on the type of pet.

Within a matter of moments you’ll get a list of insurers who offer cover for your pet, along with the annual premium, any excess, the limit on any vet fees, and details of other benefits the policy covers such as boarding fees when you go on holiday or funeral costs if your pet dies. With a couple more clicks you can filter the results to show those that offer particular benefits, meaning you see only those policies that meet your needs.

We cover dog insurance, cat insurance and rabbit insurance. Rabbit policies aren’t provided by all insurers, so using I’m Insured is a great way to save yourself the hassle of having to go from insurer to insurer trying to keep track of who does and doesn’t cover rabbits.

I’m Insured lets you search for all three of the main types of pet cover. The cheapest has a limit on both how much the insurer will pay for a particular condition (an illness or injury) and how long it will make payments for that condition. The mid-range option means the insurer will continue paying out for a condition for as long as it takes to reach a set financial limit. The most expensive option doesn’t put any limits on the amount paid for any one condition: instead it simply limits the total amount the insurer will pay during the year.

What’s covered by pet insurance policies can vary from provider to provider. As a general principle, insurance polices cover unexpected events such as injuries or illnesses. They don’t cover foreseeable events such as annual checkups or vaccinations. The good news is that our comparison system makes it easy to find out what each individual policy does and does not cover.

Using I’m Insured is particularly helpful when you come to renew your pet’s policy. The age and medical history of your pet can drastically affect both the premiums and the types of cover each insurer is willing to pay. Which insurer is cheapest among those willing to offer cover can change drastically as your pet ages, making it all the more important to check across the entire pet insurance market.

I’m Insured is completely independent of the insurers we search through, meaning we’re free to show you the results, no matter which company works out cheapest. We don’t charge you any fees and once you’ve chosen a policy, you get put straight through to the insurer’s website where you’ll usually just have to confirm a couple of extra details before buying the policy. To make things easier, we’ll pass on the information you’ve already provided us, so you won’t need to type all your pet’s details in again.

Why not try I’m Insured today? There’s no obligation to follow up any of the quotes, and you’ll find out in moments just how much money you could save on your pet insurance.