Paramedics Life Insurance

It’s time to bust some myths. Ambulance workers and paramedics can get life insurance. They don’t have to pay higher premiums. And they don’t need to use specialist insurers.

Want to find the best paramedics insurance deal?

We’ve heard far too many times from paramedics who think they either don’t need life insurance, or believe they simply won’t be able to get it at an affordable price. Neither is true, so don’t let these myths prevent you getting peace of mind and financial security.

Faulty Logic

On the face of it, the “ambulance workers pay more for life cover” theory sounds logical enough: you’re in what’s potentially a more dangerous job than many, so it’s going to cost you more. The reality isn’t quite so simple. Insurers don’t work on the basis that something is “self-evident” or “obvious” and they don’t start off by reasoning “ambulance workers/paramedics are in a more dangerous profession, therefore we charge them more.”

Instead insurer work with evidence, based on data from real claims over the years. They aren’t interested in whether a particular job sounds or seems risky, they are simply interested in whether people in that job really do make more claims, and whether those claims work out more expensive.

Of course, for some insurers, the data will show it’s prudent to charge higher premiums for ambulance workers and paramedics or even consider refusing to cover them. But for others, the data they use — and the way they assess and interpret it — will show the increased risk isn’t significant enough to bump up prices.

Don’t forget also that your profession is just one part of the insurance puzzle. Insurers also take into account everything from your age, to where you live, to whether you smoke to what medical treatment you’ve had, to whether any hereditary medical conditions run in your family. Different insurers combine this data using different methods so your job won’t always be considered a big deal.

Special Treatment Isn’t Always Best

You may have come across firms that claim to be specialist insurers for ambulance workers. This isn’t a bogus claim as such, but it’s a little misleading. Most of the time these firms are simply subsidiaries of a larger insurance group and are promoted as a separate entity for branding and marketing purposes.

Generally such firms don’t actually deal with you in any different way to how any life insurer deals with any customer, with a couple of minor exceptions. One is that these insurers may tailor some of the benefits in their recommended polices to avoid duplicating any benefits and cover you get as an employee, for example through the NHS.

Another is that they may offer combined packages that incorporate a range of insurance policies such as life, illness, medical and travel — though again, this isn’t something that’s inherently unique to ambulance workers or paramedics.

In both cases, using a “specialist” may bring disadvantages. Often a firm will only offer cover from one insurer, meaning you may be missing out on a better deal elsewhere. Meanwhile the combined packages may appear to make life easier, but it’s highly unlikely you’ll get the best deal for every policy when bought this way. It’s a bit like shopping at a single supermarket: you may get some items cheaper than from shops on the high street, but overall you may wind up paying more for your basket.

Getting The Best Deal

I’m Insured works for people from every profession. We offer a price comparison service that brings you all the benefits of shopping around with none of the drawbacks such as taking up your time and bringing you hassle and stress. You simply complete a few simple questions and within a minute or so we bring you quotes from a wide range of insurers.

It’s the perfect way to quickly eliminate those insurers who do penalise paramedics and ambulance workers, while being certain not to miss out on the good deals from insurers where your job doesn’t carry a premiums penalty. To make things even easier, our list of quotes also details any insurers who were unable to provide a price and any reason they stated why this was the case.

As well as checking the prices, you can also see full details of the policies and the specific benefits they bring, whether that be additional critical illness cover to a simple cashback reward. It’s all without obligation and if and when you choose a policy, we redirect you straight to the relevant insurer so you can buy the policy direct, with no additional fees or hidden charges.

If you’d prefer a more individual service, we can talk over your particular circumstances and requirements and help steer you through the various policies on offer from different insurers. Just select the “Talk To Us” option that appears on most pages on our site.

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