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I’m Insured takes you from 0 to 30 in the space of a few seconds. And by that we mean quotes from up to 30 different insurers or brokers offering motorbike insurance.

Using our site is simply the smartest way to shop around when buying motorbike insurance. We save you the time spent checking each provider individually, as well as the hassle and worry of not knowing if there’s a cheaper provider that you didn’t think of.

Our system also takes account of some specific factors that may lower your quote from some insurer. For example, you can tell us if you are a member of theInstituteofAdvanced Bikers. You can also tell us if you’ve got the star rider certificate to show you’ve undergone extra training to ride safely.

For many people motorbike riding is all about speed and exhilaration. To be honest, we can’t promise you’ll find using I’m Insured to be exhilarating, but we can certainly give you speed. For most users, it takes well under five minutes from answering the first question to seeing the list of quotes.

Once you’ve given us some details about your bike, yourself and the specifics of the cover you want (such as any voluntary excess), we’ll put together a list of what policies are available, ordered by price and detailing any options for paying by instalments, including any added costs of doing so.

We’ll also show you details of the excess that applies to each policy, along with whether it includes legal assistance insurance, personal accident cover, and cover for your helmet and leathers. If these aren’t included but are available as an optional extra, we’ll tell you the cost. You can also click on any quote to get full details on the policy.

As well as showing you quotes, we’ll also list any insurers we checked who were unable to offer you cover, along with the reason why not. That saves you the time of checking to see if you’ve missed anyone and may be useful for seeing if there’s something you could easily change that might bring you more — and potentially cheaper — quotes.

Once you’ve picked a quote, you can either click a button to buy online, or get a phone number to buy online, complete with a reference number to be certain get the quoted premium price. If you choose to buy online, you’ll go straight through to the insurer’s site with all your details copied over. You might have to answer a couple more questions, depending on the insurer, but other than that you’ll be ready to buy straight away. You pay the insurer direct and there’re no hidden or extra fees.

I’m Insured can save your details, meaning you can have a look at the prices now and come back later to buy: there’s never any obligation. When you come back, you can run the search again without re-entering your details, meaning you’ve always got the latest quotes available. You can even take advantage of this feature next year when it’s time to renew your policy or switch to another provider.

You can even use I’m Insured to get quotes for a bike you are thinking of buying. If you don’t have the registration number to hand, you can carry out a search by make and model. It’s a great way to work out whether buying a particular bike might be a false economy, or whether the bike of your dreams is surprisingly affordable to insure.