Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man Life Insurance

If you live on the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, or the Scily Isles we can help you find the most suitable and competitive life insurance.

Want to find the best life insurance deal in Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man?

Over the years we’ve noticed there appears to be a common misconception that if you live on one of the smaller islands that make up part of the UK, then you are either greatly restricted in the number of insurance providers you can choose from when arranging your personal protection or indeed you need to use the services of s ‘local specialist’ broker.

Whilst it is true that there are some providers who do not cover places such as the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, they are more the exception rather than the rule. Obviously, no one wants to waste time finding out which ones do and which ones don’t through trial and error lengthy applications only to be told at the end that the insurer doesn’t cover that part of the UK. But equally, there is no justification to be paying any more than people in other parts of the UK for your insurance. So be wary of a local specialist who may alluded to that being the case.

So what can you expect to get from I’m Insured if you decide to give us a go? Well, firstly our consultants can give you a breakdown of all the providers available to you in terms of those that will and those that won’t cover the geographical area you live in. Then they will listen to what it is you are trying to achieve and provide you with all your options, utilising of course our discounted premiums so that you get some of the best prices available in the market. Then it’s over to you to decide, in your own time, what option is right for you. If you choose to proceed with the setting up of the policy, we will guide you through the application process by completing the health in lifestyle questionnaire as well as explaining all the trust options available from your chosen provider.

So in short what we are saying is don’t assume that where you live means you are automatically greatly restricted in your choice of life assurance providers. Similarly, you do not have to waste your own time finding out who does or does not offer protection products in your part of the world. And you most certainly do not have to pay inflated prices offered by local brokers who will have you believe that they offer some exclusive knowledge that is beyond those that base themselves on the main land and because of this you should be feeling it in your wallet.

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