Family Income Benefit

Family Income Benefit is a type of life insurance that pays a monthly income for the remainder of the term as opposed to a lump sum payment

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Family Income Benefit

Family income benefit is a type of life insurance policy that pays a monthly income for the remainder of a fixed set set at outset. Because of this the benefit can be described as decreasing as the total amount payment will decrease throughout the policy term.

This type of life insurance is mostly appropriate to families who wish to insure monthly outgoings which might be put as risk should the worst happen.

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We can also help with putting your policy into trust.

That means you can nominate somebody to look after the money if you die and there’s a payout before you want the intended recipient to get the money. A common example is parents who want to have the payout go to a child only once the child turns 18 or 21. Putting a policy into trust also ensures that the payout goes to your intended recipient and can’t be seized by creditors if you have any debts when you die. There may also be tax benefits to putting a policy into trust.

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