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About our Free DIY Will Kit

To give you additional piece of mind we send out a DIY will kit to all of our online customers as a thank you for choosing I’m Insured. Our free will kit is suitable for both England, Wales & Northern Ireland and Scotland.

What is a Last Will & Testament?

A ‘Last Will & Testament’ is a legal document that is written by a person to express how they wish the value of their assets, known as their estate, to be distributed at death. 

Our DIY Will Kit will help guide you through the process of writing your will and provide you with detailed instructions, easy to understand information and all the documentation required to write your will.

Why is a Will important? 

Firstly, if you do not write a will you will have no control or knowledge of how your assets will be distributed on death. In the absence of a properly written will, the government will essentially decide on the distribution of your estate. Although many people assume this will suffice, often it does not match their intentions accurately. 

Unfortunately the consequences of not writing a will fall hardest on those left behind. By making an approved will you can save the additional heartache and financial stress that could be caused by dying without a will.

What is included? 

  • Detailed Guidance Manual
  • Loose-Leaf Will Forms suitable England, Wales & Northern Ireland
  • Loose-Leaf Will Forms sutiable for Scotland
  • Please take note that if your family situation or financial affairs are complicated, you should seek a legal or tax professional to ensure your Will is sound.

All of our DIY will kits are Law Society approved. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 334 5980 or click here to leave us a message.

Free Will Kit Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the receipt of our free last will and testament kit.

  • The DIY will kit is only available with Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Mortgage Life Insurance policies.
  • We aim to send out the DIY will kit no later than 3 months after your policy start date.
  • This offer is only applicable to policies bought online.
  • This offer is available until 31st December 2014.
  • No cash alternative is offered.
  • Limited to one DIY will pack per household.
  • This offer is independent of all other current offers and does not prejudice other offers you may be eligible for including our cash back offer.