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Crohn's Disease

The cause of Crohn’s disease is yet to be discovered with symptoms most commonly starting between the ages of 10 & 40.

With regard to a life insurance application, a person who suffers from Crohn’s disease who wishes to check their eligibility for such cover will have to give consideration to a number of factors. Firstly, the severity of the condition is of particular relevance. As a general rule, the more mildly classified cases will be easier to place with an insurer and often do not have any implications in terms of increased costs. For example, a person who has been diagnosed for 6 months or more with Crohn’s disease and the condition is well managed with mild to moderate symptoms will find they have a wide choice of insures and products to choose from.

For more severe cases, the job does become harder and for these examples it is well worth spending the time talking through the exact details of your condition with a broker such as I’m Insured so that they can approach the insurers to see which ones will look most favourably on your circumstances. Expect any insurer to ask to write to your doctor to get more specific details about your condition over and above what will be provided during the application.

If you are considering some life insurance and would like to talk through how Crohn’s disease may or may not affect your application, we are here and available to talk through your circumstances and give you a good idea of where you stand.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS can affect as many as 2 in 10 people in the UK and is more prevalent in women than in men with most cases developing between the ages of 20 to 30. With statistics like these, it’s understandable that IBS is very common among our customers wishing to apply for life insurance.

The exact cases of IBS are not yet known but several theories have been put forward including abdominal contractions, sensitivity to certain foods, a consequence of a previous gastrointestinal infection as well as mental health issues such as depression, stress and anxiety. Some recent studies have also pointed to there being a potential genetic link.

Symptoms are varied but obviously centred around the abdominal area and are typical soon after eating. Sufferers often report that the severity can contrast from mild discomfort to extreme abdominal discomfort in the form or pain and bloating.

In the contest of a life insurance application, IBS is not often a condition that will restrict a person’s ability to gain cover although as with all medical conditions, it is very important to fully disclose as part of the health and lifestyle questionnaire procedure.

In rare cases where IBS has resulted in a negative outcome for a life insurance application by either affecting the terms offered, increasing the price or both, it’s well worth talking to a broker such as I’m Insured who will be able to look at all the provider options available in the market to determine which provider will look most favourably on an individual’s circumstances.

Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is thought to be an autoimmune disease which affects up to 146000 people in the UK. With many sufferers being diagnosed between the ages of 15 & 25, Ulcerative Colitis is quite a common condition we must take into consideration when placing life insurance applications.

As is the case with most conditions, the severity of an applicant’s condition and indeed how recently they may have had a flare up, can have implications to the cost of the cover. That said, we have had success in placing many applications from people with ulcerative colitis that have not had to burden the cost of increased premiums. This is because we carefully listen to the details our customers tell us about their condition and then approach our panel on insurers to find out which will look most favourably on those personal circumstances.

So, if you have found difficulty in finding suitable insurance, are paying an increased premium on a current policy or are taking the first steps into looking for some life insurance and you suffer with ulcerative colitis, come and speak to one of our consultants at I’m Insured. We will listen carefully to what you tell us and find the best fit for your circumstances.


We can also help with putting your policy into trust.

That means you can nominate somebody to look after the money if you die and there’s a payout before you want the intended recipient to get the money. A common example is parents who want to have the payout go to a child only once the child turns 18 or 21. Putting a policy into trust also ensures that the payout goes to your intended recipient and can’t be seized by creditors if you have any debts when you die. There may also be tax benefits to putting a policy into trust.

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