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Tesco Life Insurance

Compare Tesco life insurance quotes now. Tesco life insurance is designed to pay a cash lump sum to leave to family or your loved ones or to pay off a mortgage.

Tesco the brand was founded in Hackney, London, England in 1919 by Sir Jack Edward Cohen born Jacob Edward Kohen. Although the multinational giant that Tesco is today, its humble beginnings were among market stalls.

As one of the largest and most successful grocery and general retailer Tesco expanded into financial services in partnership with the National Westminster Bank. More about this and the formation of Tesco life insurance can be read below.

Tesco life insurance is offered via Tesco Bank, which is the trading name of Tesco Personal Finance plc. Tesco life insurance is offered only via the internet and telephone and cannot be bought in store. Prior to forming Tesco Personal Finance Tesco had a joint venture with the National Westminster Bank. Tesco Personal Finance and therefore Tesco life insurance formed in July of 1997 following the formation and success of Sainsburys Bank. It was in July 2008 that Tesco Personal Finance became Tesco Bank and the Tesco life insurance proposition was offered via the new name. Although Tesco life insurance is offered via Aviva, Tesco Bank actually offer their own mortgage products following a period where they sold mortgages on behalf of First Direct.

Tesco plc who own Tesco Bank and Tesco life insurance are a multinational retailer with headquarters in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, England. Revenue in 2013 is said to be in excess of £64 billion. In July 2013 Tesco announced that they were pulling out of the United States of America markets after a fall in profits. Alongside this Tesco also reported a fall in the value of Tesco UK’s property portfolio after identifying many sites purchased during the property boom that they no longer plan to do anything with.

Tesco life insurance offer life insurance, mortgage protection and critical illness cover currently via Aviva. Tesco life insurance policies via Aviva start from £5 per month and include terminal illness cover free of charge. Although you may be offered Tesco clubcard vouchers as a result of buying a Tesco life insurance policy you may be expected to pay the full non-discounted rated offered by Tesco life insurance via Aviva.

As Tesco life insurance policies are arranged through Aviva, Tesco life insurance can therefore claim a 99.3% payout rate for death claims in 2012. Tesco life insurance (Aviva) policies including critical illness cover paid out 92.5% of critical illness claims during this period.

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