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Normally we’ll say you pay the insurer’s exact premium with no hidden fees, but that’s not the case here. No, believe it or not, you’ll often pay less than the insurer’s standard premium for your chosen policy. That’s because insurers pay a commission to comparison websites, but we intentionally take a lower commission than the standard rate, meaning you get a discount on the premium.

There are a few key legal points to remember when taking out level term life insurance. It’s neither a savings scheme nor an investment. The policy doesn’t pay out unless you die during the term; you can’t get your premiums back, and there’s no payout if you are alive at the end of the term. If you don’t keep up the premium payments during the policy term, the cover will be void.

While our price comparison is suitable for most applicants, please do get in touch with us for a personally tailored quote or consultation if you have specialist needs. A key example of this is if you have a serious pre-existing medical conditioning. Most insurers require you to declare this in advance and it could affect not just the premium prices, but also which insurer works out the best deal.

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Family Income Benefit

Life Insurance for Expats Living Abroad



Crohn's Disease, IBS & Ulcerative Colitis sufferers

Business Protection, Key Person Insurance & Relevant Life Insurance


Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis

Life Insurance quotes over 50

High Blood Pressure Life Insurance


Anxiety or Depression


We can also help with putting your policy into trust.

That means you can nominate somebody to look after the money if you die and there’s a payout before you want the intended recipient to get the money. A common example is parents who want to have the payout go to a child only once the child turns 18 or 21. Putting a policy into trust also ensures that the payout goes to your intended recipient and can’t be seized by creditors if you have any debts when you die. There may also be tax benefits to putting a policy into trust.

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