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Convertible Life

You can have protection for the rest of your life by converting your policy to a ‘whole of life’ policy. You can do this at any point without having to answer any more health and lifestyle questions.

Whole of life guarantees a payout after you die

Whole of life guarantees a payout after you die. Your beneficiaries won’t receive a payout if you die after your term life policy runs out. With whole of life insurance, a payout is always guaranteed whenever you die.

Whole of life is generally far more expensive than level term cover, this is why the conversion option is so good. As you pay the lower premium for level term cover but can convert this* (T&C’s) to whole of life later down the line.

Secure Your Future with Convertible Term Assurance

Our Convertible Term Assurance policy offers affordable premiums now, with the option to convert to whole of life insurance later without any medical questions. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can secure lifelong protection whenever you’re ready.

Introduction to the Conversion Option

Why wait to secure a lifetime of protection? Our life insurance conversion option allows you to transform your current term policy into a whole life policy without the hassle of undergoing new medical examinations. This benefit is available exclusively to those with level cover policies accepted on standard terms.

The Advantages of Conversion

The conversion option ensures continuous coverage and peace of mind. You can convert your policy at any time before the end date, provided you haven’t made or are not eligible to make a claim for the main benefit.

The new policy starts immediately after your original policy ends, maintaining or reducing the coverage amount. This flexibility allows you to adapt your insurance to your changing needs over time.

Financial and Personal Benefits

Your premiums for the new policy will be based on current rates and your personal circumstances, ensuring you get a fair and accurate rate. This option eliminates the stress and uncertainty of future insurability, particularly as health issues can arise unexpectedly.

Whether you have a single or joint policy, converting ensures your insurance keeps pace with your life’s milestones.

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