Business Insurance

We offer a range of business insurance products to protect yourself and your business in the most tax efficient and comprehensive manner

Life Insurance with Business Protection, Key Person Insurance & Relevant Life Insurance


Would your business be able to survive without you or one of your key employees?

Your company’s vehicles, machinery, computers and premises may already be insured, but what would you do if a key member of your business dies or is diagnosed with a critical illness and can’t work?

Research from a leading insurer has revealed that over 60% of business owners believe that the death or critical illness of an owner or key employee would have the greatest impact on their business. One in four said that their business wouldn’t survive for more than a year if a key employee suffered a critical illness or died.

Despite this, many thousands of businesses have no cover in place. And, with an estimated £1.35 trillion protection shortfall in the UK, there are lots of companies out there who would benefit from ensuring that their business was protected.

We’re business insurance experts and we can help you find the right policy at the right price. Keep reading to find out more about the types of business insurance available and why you should consider reviewing your protection arrangements now.

Other Types of Business Insurance

Group Life

Group life insurance, group income protection, and group Critical Illness cover can provide your employees with a valuable and comprehensive benefits package.

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Business Protection

We can help arrange the most tax efficient business protection life insurance polices to protect your business and livelihood

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Key Person

Key Person Insurance is a type of life insurance designed to protect your business against the loss of a key employee.

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Relevant Life

Relevant Life Insurance protects your business OR any named beneficiary in the event of the death/critical illness of a Director, or other employee

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